Life in Montreux, a city with a musical touch

The TRALALA Hotel was entirely renovated in 2008 in order to offer its guests an establishment where modern style meets historical charm, with a hint of musical spirit.

Montreux –city in the heart of the Swiss Riviera- is a place where music seems to flow out of every corner. Home of many famous festivals such as the Jazz Festival, the September Festival, the Love-Boats, it was also the home of Igor Stravinsky, Freddie Mercury, Piotr-Ilyich Tchaikovski. Today, the city attracts many of the world’s most renowned singers, such as Shania Twain, Barbara Hendricks or Luc Plamondon. The city of Montreux has an intimate relationship with music. The TRALALA Hotel honours the latter.

The hotel was built around the theme of music. Every room is unique, dedicated to an artist who contributed to Montreux’s reputation. You will therefore sleep next to Davie Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, ZZ Top, Santana or even Igor Stravinsky.

TRALALA is also synonymous with soft prices, very soft, so that your journey can end on a good note: a price-to-pleasure ratio unique on the Swiss Riviera.

TRALALA, to live an unforgettable experience.