The Castle of Chillon

(2.1 Kms from Tralala)

Built on the lake, the Castle of Chillon is 2 kilometers away from the TRALALA. Several of the TRALALA’s room have a view on this castle. The latter inspired Lord Byron’s famous poem, “The prisoner of Chillon”. Nowadays the castle is a museum, whose visit is a must.


Montreux’s quays

(1 Km from Tralala)

7 kilometres of pedestrians quay paths alongside the lake, more than 500 different flagraces, flowers blossoming throughout the year, 7 varieties of palm trees and even a few banana trees. The budget for the city’s gardeners reaches an amazing 10 million swiss francs. Montreux’s quays are Switzerland’s red carpet. By foot, on a bike or on rollerblades, one should not miss it!


Cruise on the lake

(harbour 1km from Tralala)

Many boats, some as old as 1900, carry passengers to all kinds of nice places on along the lake. These cruises enable the passengers to enjoy the view of the Riviera from the lake. A necessary excursion.


Les Rochers de Naye en petit train à crémaillère

(station 100 meters from Tralala)

A little above Montreux, the mountain Rochers-de-Naye is accessible only via a little train –the station is 100 meters away from the Tralala- who will drive you up to 2045meters above sea level. The view on the lake and on the alps is one of the best views in Switzerland. Built inside the rock itself is a panoramic restaurant. For the kids, there is marmot park. During the winter, it is possible to ski at Rochers-de-Naye.


Unesco World Heritage Centre : The wine region of Lavaux.

(12kms from Tralala)

West of Montreux (12kms). Lavaux is classified as a Unesco World Heritage Centre since 2007. Many vineyards on little hills which fall into the lake alongside typical villages; a unique atmosphere.


Panoramic train from Montreux to Gstaad

(1h20 away from Tralala by train, station 1km away)

Golden Pass Line – this panoramic train goes from Montreux, via Gstaad –billionaire’s ski station- until the Oberland from Bern, with a connection to Luzern.


Gruyère, its medieval village and its cheese.

(40kms from Tralala)

The medieval village of Gruyere managed to keep all of its charm and authenticity. In this historical village, one can also find H. R. Giger’s permanent exposition. Giger is a Swiss artist who is the creator of Alien. After submerging yourself in the mesmerising world of Gruyere, one can visit its world famous cheese factory.