Montreux, its famous writers and musicians.

Gifted with its natural beauty and soothing atmosphere, Montreux has always attracted famous people (the princess Sissi) but also many writers (Byron), musicians (Freddie Mercury) or movie stars. One can visit and discover those celebrities’ nests, which have helped promote Montreux’s international fame. Download the Vevey-Montreux tourism brochure.



(1km from Tralala)

Located between Montreux and the Castle of Chillon, the audiovisual museum features artefacts which tell the history of the latter, from the first recording machines to today’s digital television.


Giannada Foundation in Martigny

(41kms from Tralala)

The Giannada Foundation in Martigny features one of the biggest collection of arts with an impressive program of major artists, essentially painters and sculptors.


Olympic Museum of Lausanne

(30kms from Tralala)

The seat of the IOC, International Olympic Committee is based in Lausanne. The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is located by the lake, in Ouchy. The museum retraces the best moments of Olympic games history and from many different sports.


Nestlé’s nest

(9kms from Tralala)

Nestlé, world’s number 1 for foodstuff, was funded in Vevey, where one can still find its international headquarters. Visits can be organised upon request.


Montreux Musique

Thanks to classical music the name of this town radiates in the whole world for more than 60 years and for almost a half a century for it's more "contemporary" music. This is mostly due to the open mind and visual percept of one man. M. Raymond Jaussi, who was, in the late '60s, the director of the Montreux Tourist Board.